PREMIERE: Quarion - Teal [Drumpoet Community]

by Elena Lisovin

Swiss music veteran producer Yanneck Salvo, also known as Quarion, returns to Drumpoet Community label with new upcoming album "Shades". A result of the experimental writing process, "Teal" is a genuinely hypnotic ambient full of soothing atmosphere enveloped in intense energy. At first posing as minimalistic, it masterfully unfolds into a steezy deep sensation by blending a reserved pace, tranquil melodic pads, and heavy bass tinted by uneasy pitching.
Strangely meditative and undoubtedly danceable, "Teal" effectively operates on clarity and precision, while providing a rare, captivating example of integrated duality - explicitly articulate and atonal, compound and resolved at once.
"Teal" is an essential part of a nine pieces synergetic album created by an artist on top of his game, out on September 27, 2019