PREMIERE: Proxyan - Network 313 [SoHaSo]

by Zach Huenink

In a time where ‘dj branding’, social media presence and personalities seem to be the main attraction, rarer is it to see someone eschew that for anonymity. The origins behind that of Proxyan, our focus of today are hidden deep behind the technologic facade that has been crafted and moving emphasis on to the music itself. Music which we’re extremely happy to premiere at Delayed today.

Network 313 is full on rave mode. Think peak time, electro tinged break beat that goes and goes. Saw-like bass lines, joined with some leads that could blow apart a small room or fill a large one, everything about this track means business. If all of that doesn’t paint nearly a good enough picture, just imagine a smoke filled room, with neon lasers, strobes and old CRT televisions. You know, the kind you had growing up.That would be this tune embodied.

Network 313 is also part of a 4 track EP, including a remix from Tracey. So if you’re digging this harder electro sound, definitely check out the rest of the EP coming soon on the 27th of September off of SoHaSo. You will not be disappointed.