Delayed with...Adult Fiction

In the last couple of years, the electronic music scene in Belfast has been blooming. AVA Festival and artists like Bicep, Or:la, Hammer and legendary Phil Kieran are just some of the names that have been shaping Belfast's underground scene into what is it now. We are excited to present you the new artist and record label project that emerged from the buzzing Belfast's scene, Adult Fiction.
AF’s press acclaimed debut EP 'Adult Fiction 001' came out in August, and we instantly fell in love with the vibe Adult Fiction brings to the table.
The mix we are featuring today is a real homage to the summer that just ended. Uplifting house and breakbeat in this mix will not let summer go away, at least not just yet.

1. Pistol Pete - Esqpads - Idle Hands
2. Rick Poppa Howard - I Wont Lay Back - Rush Hour
3. Theo Schmitt - Stomp The Dub - Re:Sound
4. Adult Fiction - Echoes - Adult Fiction
5. DJ Seinfield - Lilium - Young Ethics
6. Alex Virgo - This Might Take Some Time - Pomme Frite
7. Honeydripper - Not Red - Nordic Trax
8. Tilman - Three Sunsets - Fine
9. Dan Only - Lofty - Dirt Crew
10. Kresy - Get Now - Enclave
11. Vin Sol - Tribal Delusions - Craigie Knowes
12. Gonzo-Gonzo - Cuidado - Cacao
13. Adult Fiction - Not So Dark - Adult Fiction
14. Long Island Sound - Lifecycles - Signs Of Space