Track Of The Moment

by Slava Malkin

The road to electronic music hell is paved with minimalistic tracks that fail to elevate themselves from simply being repetitive and, well minimalistic. Miles Davis once famously quipped: ' Don't play what's there; play what's not there'. In other words, the difference between inspired minimalism and a track that plays like an infinite loop lies in the emotion, tension, suspense, anxiety, and surprise that is contained and conjured in the space between sounds. Currently, no other label can't compete with Giegling in sheer ability to create tracks full of subtlety, evocative and Hypnotic restraint, and a rich world of 'what's not there'.

A remix by Lawrence of Kettenkarussell's 'Of Course' is yet another example in Giegling's rich catalog of emotional subtlety. Lawrence takes a melancholic ambient original and reinvents it as a dance track that manages to retain the original's sense of melancholy but adds a sense of mystery and an a feel of tension and anxiety by re-arranging just a couple of original ingredients and sparingly introducing a few new elements that propel the track forward. Well done and I am giegling like a little girl.