Best New Mixes from November

The list of exceptional mixes from November is here. As you got used to it we are trying to pick mixes for different occasions, so on the list you'll find mixes that are perfect for your morning after, for your time in front of the computer, car or train ride or straight club mixes that will for sure rock any house party or friends gathering. The mixes are listed in no particular order.

Upsammy - 3VOOR12 Sunday Snooze Mix

During the madness of ADE in October, we had an opportunity to hear many talented artists from around the world, but one artist left arguably the strongest impression on us, Upsammy. It was a Sunday morning and we went to De School for an afterparty. What we experienced there was exceptionally good set by one of the upcoming Dutch artists, Upsammy. She played the best break-beat set we heard in a long time. Paired with a surreal atmosphere at De School at 9am it was a perfect match for all our senses. Few weeks ago Upsammy made this magnificent ambient mix for 3VOOR12 music platform. You afterparty soundtrack is sorted out, relax press play and have a nice trip.

Alex Dallas - The Silent Moments 

It’s such a refreshment when browsing through Soundcloud feed and running on a mix like this. The head honcho of one of our long time favorite labels - Drumpoet Community, Alex Dallas made this mesmerizing mix for ‘the silent moments’. Be prepared to be taken to a wonderful voyage full of emotions and magical melodies. 

Sevensol - SoHaSo podcast series 26

Sevensol is one of the masterminds behind mighty KANN record label from Leipzig. For his latest mix he was approached by our dear friends from SoHaSo label to do a mix tape for their podcast series. When astonishingly talented artists connect and share the same passion for music, final product can not be nothing less but fabulous. Representing more or less the sound of KANN in this mix, Sevensol made an authentic music journey that made us listen it couple of times already. It’s a great home or car listening. 

Tom Trago - Polaris Festival 2017 mix

One of the most influential Dutch artists and Dekmantel resident, Tom Trago is back with a stellar mix ahead of his appearance at Polaris Festival in Switzerland. in his sets, Tom usually goes through different genres and that’s the case with this mix as well. Perfect blend of house, disco and electro will take listener to a unique Trago voyage.

CMD Q - [rauh_x018] LIVE

KANN artist, CMD Q hs become Fiction Lab’s usual suspect over the time. The latest mix of his is for German record label - Rauh, and it’s another fantastic techno escapade This time we had opportunity to enjoy live set from this super talented artist. It seems to us that CMD Q can do no wrong at this moment. His productions are unique and timeless and his track selection in mixes is always on point. Keep up with a great work CMD Q, you have our full support! 

DJ Nature - Tehran Night #129

We could write a novel about the legendary Milo Johnson, a Bristol born artist who was one of the founding members of the Bristol sound system collective The Wild Bunch/Massive Attack, but we’ll try to keep this paragraph short. In 1989 Milo moved to NYC and of course has become one of the staples of NYC electronic music scene. He’s been producing music and performing under various monikers like Nature Boy,  DJ Spearchucker, DJ Nature just to name a few. His signature raw, independent disco, jazz fusion and early house music style has been recognized around the world. DJ Nature did an exclusive mix for Deep House Tehran - the wonderful house escapade that will be a real treat for fans of classic and early day house music. 

Cleveland - Beats in Space #914

For this month’s list we have something little different from one of our favorite artists, Brussels based Cleveland. Lately we’ve been featuring Cleveland’s radio shows from Raed Light Radio called Planet Cleveland where he presents music not necessarily meant for the dance floor. Cleveland visited our beautiful city few weeks ago where he played alongside one of our founders Joe Foxton. It would’ve been a crime not to invite him to play infamous Beats in Space radio, and Tim Sweeney knew that very well. Cleveland delivered arguably one of the best BIS mixes we’ve heard this year. It’s unique dark voyage that we enjoy listening over and over. 

1. Why The Eye - ∆ - Plynt Records
2. Hiele - School - Ekster
3. Buttechno - K4 - The Trilogy Tapes
4. Call Super - I Look Like I Look Like In A Tin Foil Mirror - Houndstooth
5. Subtenant - Know How It Feels - Love Notes
6. - Unreleased - 
7. Bookworms - B1 - Russian Torrent Versions
8. Logic Systems - Ultranet - 89:GHOST
9. R Solution - Skinny Long Git - Reinforced Records
10. Nummer - Work It - Nummer Music
11. Pearson Sound - Glass Eye - Hessle Audio
12. Don't DJ - Pornoire - Berceuse Heroique
13. Oni Ayhun - OAR001-A - Oni Ayhun Records
14. Sexazoid - Up 'n' Coming - Born Free Records
15. Kinetic Electronix - Dewdroppinn II - Mood Hut
16. Tambien - Collagelinger - Public Possession
17. Cloudface - w w i - Mood Hut
18. Keysha - Stop It - Stroom

Patlac - Personal Message 01

The artist that has been featured regularly at Fiction Lab is super talented Hamburg based Patlac. Patlac’s music taste is immaculate and he’s one of the artists that are equally talented in both studio and DJ booth. Patlac’s latest mix that he named ‘Personal message#01’ is a 2hrs journey that doesn’t make compromises. The mix starts off with break beat but slowly goes into deepness and darkness but mixed so smoothly that you won’t feel that you’re going far below sea level on the acid submarine. 

Powel - Hugo

What else can we say, except - yet another fabulous mix by Powel. The German producer and DJ never disappoints with his track selections. His recognizable deep, soft house always leaves a wonderful aftertaste and that’s exactly the case with his latest mix exclusively made for ‘Schirmchen drink’ and their ‘Cocktail series’. Hugo is very well mixed cocktail of beautiful melodies and slow burning grooves.

Pacific Coliseum - Ocean City
Harrison BDP - Decompression
Seb Wildblood - Wet Summer
Laurence Guy - W.L.Y.B
Chaos In The CBD - Trust Is Key
Grant - Social Standards
Garrett David & Colin Johnson - Walk Amongst The Ancients (Sad Edit)
Lake People - Mutual Isolated
Harrison BDP - Almond
AYBEE - In The
S.O.N- Untitled (S.A.M. Reshape) 
Harry Wolfman, Laurence Guy - The Lone Grazer
Julien Sandre & Mennie - Redub
Saint Thomas Ledoux - Me Time
Telfort - Soon I Will Embark On A Journey
Lake People - Tomorrows Happiness

Polynation - EG After 022

Electronic Groove’s ‘After’ series featured one of our favorite duo’s lately, Polynation. Polynation are Stijn Hosman and Hessel Stuut. Hailing from Holland, this electronic duo has been releasing music on Atomnation and SoHaSo. Their mix for EG AFTER is such a mesmerizing eclectic music tale, that is perfect companion for your morning coffee. It’s one of those mixes that are very enjoyable to listen multiple times. 

Benjamin Frohlich - The Ransom Note mix

Permanent Vacation head honcho, Benjamin Frohlich is featured in our list of best mixes quite often, and it’s for a reason. Benjamin’s mixes are always breath of fresh air. His latest mix for The Ransom Note is probably our favorite that we heard from Benjamin in last couple of months. Very enjoyable mix to listen with tracks by Cleveland, Tornado Wallace and Daniel Bortz just to spark your imagination. 

Dominik Eulberg - Potzblitz, ein Kiebitz!

Arguably one of the DJ’s that makes the best DJ mixes (besides his phenomenal productions and live performances), Dominik Eulberg made yet another splendid mix that has been on repeat at Fiction Lab. When you listen to Eulberg’s mixes you can expect that each track placement has a perfect meaning why is there. The same with this mix, it opens up magnificently with new Bibio’s track just to evolve into a real tour de force mix enriched with such beautiful melodies. Tracks by legends like Four Tet, Nuno Dos Santos, Kink and Extrawelt just to name few make this mix what it is, a truly exceptional mix. 

Kiani & His Legion - Vitrina Radio Show#4

Thomas Neyens is astonishingly talented artist hailing from Belgium. He’s better known for his monikers ‘Kiani & his Legion’ or ‘Far Out Radio Systems’ under which he makes exceptional electronic music. Last month our friends from Vitrina Concept in Sarajevo asked Thomas for an exclusive mix, and he delivered a pure minimal techno bliss. 80min of multi layered techno mix will make you go back and re-listen to some parts trying to distinguish how many track are actually playing at that specific moment. 

Trikk - Innervisions mix

The artist who had one of the biggest impacts in underground electric music lately is with no question Lossless and Innervisions affiliate, Trikk. His recognizable tribal style in production has become staple for many DJ’s around the world. Trikk’s latest mix is exclusive for Innervisions mix series and it’s magnificent slow burning, percussion rich mix that is just perfect for listening on Sunday afternoon. 

Domink Marz - Christalliaztion #203

Hailing from Augsburg, Germany, Dominik Marz has been throwing parties with his friend and fellow producer Daniel Bortz. Over the time he developed his DJ style and became a resident DJ at Club Schwarzes Schaf. Dominik’s latest ‘Tryads’ EP on And Music has been on heavy rotation among Fiction residents as well as many other DJ’s around the world. For the latest edition of Christallization radio show, Dominik delivered very pleasant and enjoyable mix that is spiced with percussion driven tracks and haunting melodies. 

DJ Boring - Rinse FM mx

London based producer, DJ Boring is one of the leading figures in the so-called Lo-Fi house genre. Last year his track ‘Winona’ was a great success in the underground music scene and gave DJ Boring fantastic exposure. Few weeks ago Dj Boring payed his visit to infamous Rinse FM radio in London where he played this amazing set. The mix is mostly made of classic house music and it’s a great reminder how and why we got in love with this ever inspiring music genre. 

Massimilaino Pagliara - Stay mix 040

Massimiliano is one of the staple artists from infamous Live at Robert Johnson imprint. Born in Italy nowadays based in Berlin, this super talented artist have also releases on labels like Uncanny Valley and Rush Hour. Massimiliano’s broad music knowledge allows him to wander between genres and never to fit in a specific one but constantly to bend border of house and techno, break beat and downtempo. His latest mix is exclusive for German music platform Stay, and it’s voyage that you can expect from Massimiliano, positive vibe throughout the mix with nice italo-disco and acid touch. 

Vivi An - ODDcast 11

Oddcast podcast series by ODD team from Sao Paolo continues to represent the finest from Brazilian underground techno scene. Masterminds behind ODD brand, Davis and Zopelar have made their name as a real taste makers and we truly believe their choice. Even though we knew nothing about Vivian Penzes aka Vivi An, we pressed play and didn’t regret it. We got 1hr of dub techno at its finest. This dark techno excursion will take you far away if you listen it on your headphones. 

Hyenah - Traxsource LIVE! #145

Mysterious man, Hyenah is back! With the latest EP named ‘Ritual’ on his own Rise label, track for Watergate anniversary release and exclusive mix for popular music platform Traxsource, Hyenah is back in style on the electronic music radar. The mix represents the latest in tribal-afro electronic music. Hyenah is one of very few DJ’s that can play tribal and percussive rich music that doesn’t sound like golden time of tribal music from the early 00’s. Hyenah plays tribal 2.0 and we absolutely love it!

Denis Horvat - Afterlife Voyage 007

Danish virtuoso, super talented Denis Horvat doesn’t mean to slow down. After meteoric rise in 2011-12 Denis cemented his place in a ‘big league’ all thanks to his exceptional production and DJ talent. His latest mix is exclusive for Afterlife’s Voyage series, label that recognized and supported Denis’ talent in its early stage. The mix is a melodic techno extravaganza in its best, it’s a party ready mix, so feel free to cranck it tip when you have friends over your place.