Unknown - Hunter [Mask]

by Zach Huenink

Unknown, what is it, who is it, does anyone know? For the context today, our attention lands on an unknown duo that have been playing together live for over a decade. Their vinyl only release, ‘Hunter’ will be out soon on the aptly named and equally as mysterious label called Mask. Masks’ provide anonymity to what is beneath and call your attention to only what is visible. Much like an artist or artists releasing under the anonymous guise of ‘Unknown’ and forcing the focus be on one thing, the music.

Hunter, being the first take of a live recording between our unknown artists, consists of four tracks, unnamed, only going by their position on the record. A1, A2, B1, and B2.

A1 is a lively affair, immediately setting the tone with a growling bass line and a warm analog feel which is present throughout this release. Building on that bass line is a driving melody that would be right at home in peak times along with fantastic little chirps that lend complexity to the entire affair.

A2 starts off groovier, with acid tinged synths leading the charge into airy pads that seem to move in and around that beginning melody. All the while providing a sense of building anticipation and euphoria.

Moving on to the B side, B1 is a monster of a track. The seven and a half minute run time seems to fly by as layers are worked in and out almost from the start. Staccato like hi-hats are a constant and keep the energy flowing as a melody reminiscent of Davis’ Fragments starts to emerge and take the forefront for the duration of the track. A position which is not held simply by repetition as acid elements are constantly warping in and out giving the feeling of a million little lasers going off each moment.

Finally we come to B2, a down tempo ending to an analog journey. Windlike synths, slow moving kicks and a winding bass line provide the listener with a dystopian like sense of what has come before.

This release is slated for the 9th, the first of 2019 for the Berlin based Mask. The run is only 200 records so if you enjoyed this, pre-ordering and supporting is always important.