PREMIERE: Principleasure - Ryse (LOR Remix)[Principleasure]

by Zach Huenink

Change is in the air… The days are growing longer, weather growing fairer. Marching ever towards another spring and summer season. To knock off the drudgery of early March and provide a glimpse into what the future holds, we’ve enlisted the aid of LOR aka Lunar Orbit Rendezvous. Maintaining this air of change, LOR has taken a delightfully groovy approach to remixing Principleasure’s Ryse. As the last time we touched down with LOR, was his self-titled debut album on his own label LOREC. A delightfully intricate album that we highly recommend you check out.

At hand however, we’ve got a little groover. Punchy kicks from the get go, coupled with a bouncing lead set the tone as the track builds and builds. Culminating in a flurry of synths, break-beat and melody. All of these flourishes contributing to an upbeat, shimmery track which would fit right at home in a record box or playlist for the coming months.