PREMIERE: Cai Bojsen-Möller - Whirling [Multiplex]

by Slav Ka

As the summer draws to a close, electronic music releases, no doubt, will get just a little more melancholic and gray, to signify the arrival of fall moods. But before we shift our minds to sweaters, hot tea, bourbon, and rain, it is almost therapeutic to reflect on the passing summer and release our carefree summer attitude from our soul. Need a soundtrack for this summer soul purge? I invite you to give Cai Bojsen-Moller's Whirling a listen..or a whirl…it is a perfect companion to the fading summer: warm but not happy, gently breezy but not windy, refreshing but not quite a cold beer during a heat wave. With its flowing (or whirling) synth lines, relaxed pacing, rhythm more implied than stated, the track washes over you gently like the cooling sea, gently touching but never really enveloping you with its aura. And when the track is over, you'll most certainly reach for a sweater. It is the perfect final chord in this summer's symphony.