Best New Mixes from August 2019

by Gilles Wasserman

Whether you’re preparing for one of the last weekend summer escapades, or you’re preparing yourself for the wicked night out, perhaps intimate dinner or friends gathering, or…you just want to be by yourself and enjoy ‘you’ time, well we got something for you. We at Delayed compiled the list of mixes that we enjoyed the most in August, and we are certain you’ll find something among this phenomenal mixtapes that suits your current mood. Mixes are listed in no particular order.

Oberman at Kiosk Radio 08.09.2019

Yet another fantastic mix from Nous’klaer label boss, Oberman, recorded at Kiosk radio a few weeks ago. This time we have a mix which is more on a laid backs vibe with tracks by Dorisburg, Mattheis Upsammy, Roger Gerressen just to name few. As we got used on when listening to Oberman’s sets, there are few upcoming releases from the phenomenal Nous’klaer Audio. This is an absolute must to listen to while driving, or during your subway ride.

Nadia Struiwigh - Wildeburg 2019

Incredibly talented Amsterdam based artist, Nadia Struiwigh doesn’t stop to impress us. Besides her mind-bending productions and live sets, Nadia is a hell of a DJ as well. This recording from Wildeburg Festival in Holland proves it. Trippy techno, breaks, drum & bass, and wicked IDM throughout this mix will please biggest music heads.

Cleveland / Karima F - Friendly Potential EP 160

Music collective hailing from New Zealand, Friendly Potential brings this super ‘double-header’ mix to their podcast series. The first hour comes from one of our favorite producers, Brussels-based Cleveland who takes us for a trippy ride full of broken beats, textures, and intricate layers. Schloss head honcho, Karima F is in charge for the second hour of this mix. She takes things to the whole new level with her high energy drum & bass

Ateq b2b Molly at Paradise City

This extract from 5h b2b set from Giegling own Ateq and Molly at Paradise City festival is a real treat for all house music fans. During this set, Molly and Ateq visited all corners of house music, from deep to micro to tech to classic while keeping the vibe on a proper level.

Iron Curtis - Garbicz Festival

Well, it looks like Iron Curtis got his permanent spot on our list. The German house magician can do no wrong. The mix that we have today is one of those 'put the smile on, your hands in the air and dance your ass off’! It’s super fun, with some of the great house music classics. It was recorded during this year’s Garbicz festival and we can just imagine how good this sounded live!

Lux - Crack Mix 304

After a few months hiatus, Lux is back with a new mix. This time it’s exclusive for popular Crack Magazine. Lux decided to go more for 4x4 rhythm in this mix, blending deep house, techno, minimal and some classic house elements into a pleasurable ride. It’s groovy and moving, perhaps your gym companion during the next training?

Massimiliano Pagliara - LYO #135

Massimilano Pagliara’s work in the past decade and releases on labels like Uncanny Valley, Rush Hour, Cocktail D’Amore, Ostgut Ton and Correspondant put him in a small group of producers who consistently make good music. A few weeks back Pagliara has started new mix series ‘Love, Sex, Dreams’ which is primarily focused on music that you would listen at home, ideally with significant other during the dinner or lazy hours. This is a slow burner with leftfield and Balearic touch all over it.

Ciel b2b D.Tiffany & CCL - Rinse FM August 2019

This is the recording from b2b action between 3 friends and DJs who’ve become staples at their local scenes (Toronto, Montreal, and Seattle) and in last few years busy international touring DJs. It all happened for a good reason though. Ciel, D.Tiffany, and CCL each bring their own piece of magic in this super fun and positive mix which was recording during their b2b extravaganza in Berlin a few months back.

Artefakt - Groove Podcast 218

One of the most interesting duos in the techno world in the last couple of years is definitely Delsin affiliate - Artefakt. Nick Lapien and Robin Kopek aka Artfakt have become known for their recognizable atmospheric trippy techno. In the light of their latest LP which came out recently on another amazing label, Semantica, Artefakt made this exclusive mix for popular German Groove Magazine. This is what the duo says about this mix in the interview which came along with this mix: In this mix, we wanted to „look forward by looking back“. Before we started releasing as Artefakt, we shared a love for IDM, Electro, Wave, Acid and Deep House from the late 80s and 90s. Looking back, this music had a huge influence in developing our sound. In this mix, we feature some of our favorite tracks from that time, alongside our own tracks and tracks from more contemporary producers. These sonic pillars are now the foundation of our label De Stijl and we also wanted to use this mix to reveal the narrative and background to the label.

Roman Flügel - Rinse FM August 2019

What can we say, rather than we wish this collaboration lasts longer than the initial 3 months. Roman Flugel’s radio show on Rinse FM has been like a music class to us. No need for some descriptions here. This is what professor Flügel recommends and we listen 🙂 .

Pugilist - BPDJ125

Melbourne’s underground scene is definitely flourishing these days. Alex Dickson aka Pugilist is yet another incredibly talented artist that emerged from it. With a wicked EP released a month or so ago on infamous London-based Whities record label and LP in making, future seems bright for Pugilist. The mix Pugilist made for Sydney-based ‘Body Promise’ radio show presents him in the best light. It’s full of layered complex rhythms, in moments bassy and trippy. This mix can perfectly go during some after hours.

Fenna Fiction - Temple Mix 16

Amsterdam own, Fenna Fiction made this fabulous mix for Montreal-based label Temple. Mixes like this one are hard to find. It has such a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere and rad track selection. If you need something to listen to during your ‘me’ time, you won’t find much better than this.

The Drifter - Cast Adrift 20

After a few months hiatus from our side (we just felt we should give some other artists space as well) with including arguably our favorite radio show on Soundcloud, we are selfishly going back 🙂 and present you the August edition of The Drifter’s Cast Adrift show. The Drifter will come to play our annual boat party in NYC on September 14 so if you’re around, make sure you’re sailing with us! For August edition of his show, The Drifter chose to go into 80’s mode, full of hypnotic arps and haunting synths. The first hour is more on the feel-good side while during the second hour of the mix Drifter goes a bit darker and moody, and sets up a real dance floor mode.

Barker - FACT mix 720

Ostgut Ton’s affiliate and one half of duo Barker & Baumecker, Sam Barker or Barker for short is about to release a debut solo full-length LP named Utility. In the light of that release, Barker recorded this mind-bending mix, exclusive for FACT magazine. The mix is made of snippets of his recent live performance. Using his live setup of an Elektron Digitone, Elektron Octatrack, Nord Drum plus some modular gear and outboard FX, Barker glides through many of the themes on the album, exploring harmony, rhythm, and texture.

Karete Bu & Andromache - KANNMIX 31

The latest KANN mix comes from Leipzig local force, Karete Bu and Andromache. Eclectic heaven, perfectly fitting for your next chill out or bbq perhaps.

Mattheis - Horst Festival Takeover @ Kiosk Radio

For this month's list, we have 2 mixes from popular Brussels-based radio, Kiosk. Ahead of his performance at Horst Festival, Mattheis took part in Horst Festival takeover and delivered this wicked mix. As we got used to it when listening to incredibly talented Mattheis, the mix is full of complex rhythms, little details, and layers that make all the difference.

Vince - Ilian Tape 043

Blitz club in Munich is considered one of the German’s finest and for this month we have this phenomenal set by one of its residents, Vince. The mix is an absolutely gorgeous blend of ambient, IDM, breakbeat, drum & bass and everything in between. Mixes like this instantly go to our ‘evergreen’ folder.

Ada Kaleh - Trommel 064

R&S affiliate, Romanian Ada Kaleh made this exclusive mix for Trommel platform in the light of his recent release on R&S which claimed praises from both press and fans. Ada Kaleh takes us for quite a journey during this 1h podcast. Mostly in deep house realm, Ada does change moods from time to time with hip hop vocals, groovy baselines, and hypnotic chords. We enjoyed this one a lot.

Varuna - Smoke Machine 133

The latest Smoke Machine podcast comes from Amenthia records affiliate Basel-based Varuna. The mix is beautiful deep and atmospheric techno voyage which suits very well for some late night / after hours vibes.

Nathan Micay - MDC.227

After touring Down Under, Canadian Berliner, Nathan Micay left a ‘love note’ to his Australian friends in form of this mix, exclusive for Melbourne Deepcast. Here’s what Nathan had to say about the mix: "My last studio mix was for Resident Advisor in January and I feel like I might’ve gone a bit hard on that one and focused on tricks over tracks. This time I decided to keep it real simple. I went to a friend’s with a bag of 40 records and a few tracks on a USB and recorded it in an afternoon (then nudged some volumes in Ableton). It’s all quite trancey but in a lighter sense of the word. That beautiful time when house, trance and whatever else all seemed to cross over for a brief moment. It’s a bit lighter than what I usually get to play in the club. There are some new ones from myself and a couple of pretty hard to find tracks that will be out on a new re-issue label I’m starting this fall. Fuck the sharks."