by Gilles Wasserman

A few days ago we got it in touch with the very cool collective from Lyon, France called Pomme Sanguine. They are an organization promoting art and culture in Lyon through "hybrid" conferences involving both discussion and concerts. To this day, they have been gathering cultural actors, artists and other professionals to debate on subjects like record-digging, vintage in videogames/music/clothing, original score composing... Each session is followed by concerts, live & DJ sets.
The project is also a music label: PSANG, mainly influenced by ambient, electro & acid music, but equally reflecting the inspirations of the artists they wish to feature (breakbeat, downtempo, techno…)
They sent us their upcoming release, and we instantly fell in love with both the idea behind the collective and even more importantly music itself.
Today we present you Lyon based duo ViLN who makes their music exclusively using hardware gear and their gorgeous track Acte IV. Acte IV is a mesmerizing acid breakbeat chilled escapade. The track that you can listen during the day, perhaps lazy Sunday or finish your DJ set with. It’ll put a smile on your and other people’s faces!
PSANG Tales vol.2 will be available via PSANG’s Bandcamp on September 9th on limited edition cassette tape and digital.