Zopelar - Hamato EP

Brazil has a new dance floor marauder...

You may not have heard of Pedro Zopelar before but after bringing us leaping to our feet with his latest release ‘Hamato’ you're bound to be hearing more from him. 'Hamato' was released on the freshly-inaugurated label ‘In Their Feelings’ launched by Innervision’s distributor, the Muting The Noise.

With a slew of outstanding live shows from the legendary Brazilian techno club D-Edge in Sao Paolo to the famous “Lost In The Moment” there is no doubt that future looks bright for this incredibly talented graduate of the the Red Bull Music Academy.

The EP demonstrates Zoperlar's attention to detail in the studio, showing a musical diversity and prowess for producing frenetic techno and house.

Pedro Zopelar and Davis are the masterminds behind the title track 'Hamato'. They set their sights on creating a stretched out Brazilian aesthetic techno infused with almost hypnotic yet ingenious spacey acid stabs, all set above a powerful baseline.

The brooding and elegant ‘Bibing’ takes its listeners on a delightfully melancholic journey into a mesmerizing world of sonic beauty and intricate cosmic harmonies. 

With cascading, shimmering synth tones layered between delicate piano chords, “Bonanza” blends a luminous melody and enigmatic groove to create a tune where everything flows, letting you lose yourself in its beauty.

“Piramidal”, is a fun atmospheric romp under the drizzled acid rain through a techno Mardi Gras journey. Zopelar perfectly combines intricate techno textures with a mighty bassline, frenetic percussions, infectious grooves and backgrounds pulsated by acid elements, guaranteed to send a dance floor into rapture.

“Hamato” EP is a real fuel for ardent fans of the big-bang Innervisions sound, and cutting edge sophisticated productions.