PREMIERE: Bookwood - Polysin (Original mix) [Cosmic Society]

by Jelena Drenjakovic

Hailing from Hannover in Northern Germany, Daniel aka Bookwood is a relatively new face to the production scene. Following his mesmerizing debut release on URSL records, which received strong praise here at Fiction Lab for its subtle magnetism, the new man on the block aims to make another strong impact with the release of his new EP Polysin on Cosmic Society.

The EPs title track is built around a delicate synth melody that's ebbs and flows to soft trebles over a subtle ambient backdrop.  Over the course of its five-minute duration we are tempted with this blend of soothing sounds as ever so gradually dubby chords surface from underneath, setting to work in complimenting a range of warm and dreamy elements that evoke misty morning forest ambience.  Marked by a subdued pace and assured emotional quality that makes for crisp, intimate and expansive music, this record paints Bookwood as a producer to watch.

Polysin EP is set to be released on April 27 through Cosmic Society.