PREMIERE: G. Markus - Sleepless Moon (queniv remix) [OOSSHA]

by Irina Kotik

OOSSHA, a newly fledged platform of the SoHaSo imprint with a focus on a warmer landscape, welcomes UK producer G. Markus to their family with an impressive “Warning” EP. Featuring two musically rich originals and a pair of stunning remixes by the Dutch producers queniv and Roger Gerressen, the package masterfully fuses 90’s jungle influences with driving old-school house, delicate ambient tones and twisted lo-fi funk.

Amsterdam-based talented producer queniv comes on board with a breakbeat-flavored reworking of the “Sleepless Moon”, lightly sprinkled with elements of ambient textures and atmospheres. Queniv’s penchant for twisted complex rhythms, breakbeat dynamics and intricate widescreen harmonies add his own unique artistic touch which makes the remix a hypnotic listening, specifically in the context of a dance floor.